Free Maintenance Chain with Double / Quadra Block rubber

Specifications (based on British Standard)

Some of Sealed Chain in British Standard are available as following specifications.

Key Word for use-environment in trouble.

・・・Anti Dust, Keep out foreign materials.
・・・Heat Resistance.
・・・Longer Life. (Reduce Downtime)
・・・Keep the grease/oil not to spread out.
・・・Keep the chain in good condition longer.
・・・Reduce the number of times for replacement.
in Dusty and/or Sandy use condition.

Application :

・・・Material Conveyor System in tough condition
・・・Food Processing Conveyor Machines
・・・Filling & Sealing Top-Cover Machines
・・・Power Transmission at dusty & sandy condition
・・・Vertical Conveyor System
・・・Heavy Industrial Powder Conveyor System

What is it ? Sealed-Chain

Protect & Prevent powder, dust, sand and foreign materials from squeezing in-between pin and bushing.

・・・Protect from the materials caused wear-elongation.
・・・Reduce Downtime for replacement.
・・・Raise productivity.

Keep grease/lubricant in-between pin and bushing maintaining appropriate condition for roller chain.

・・・It is appropriate for use-environment where the handling products dislike grease/lubricant spread out.
・・・Improvement food processing machine without grease/lubricant, especially stainless steel chains.
・・・Improvement products box conveying systems.
・・・Improvement parts handling/assembling lines.


Double (O-Ring) or Quadra (X-Ring) enable to prevent foreign materials squeezed inbetween Pin & Bushings.

Performance & Quality

  • One of the features of Sealed-Chain is able to keep the stable chain condition much longer than the other type of chains.
  • It has much more advantages for heat in temperature and dust & sand in tough condition compared with sintered bushing chains.