Filling and Sealing w/Film Cover from rolled sheet.

■Performance / Quality Required.

  • Tray keep on stopping at the fixed position correctly.
  • Filling without any of material leakage.
  • Chain Precision
  • Enable to decrease wear-elongation

■Expected Advantages

  • Stable condition enable to maintain with a less elongation.
  • Out of Alignment for filling position can maintain much longer than standard chains.

Mesh Conveyor/Steam & Dry

■Performance / Quality Required

  • Reduce possibilities of damages for chains by exceeding tension of mesh belt caused by chain wear-elongation.
  • Prevent from wear-elongation by dry-frictional heat caused by ccontinuous heat-wind.

■Expected Advantages

  • Blocking Rubber Seal can keep grease between Pin & Bushing and maintain appropriate condition for the roller chain running in a good status.

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